Baking Paper for Confectionary and Bakery Products


Baking paper for confectionary and bakery products - ecologically clean, natural material with extended capabilities.

Natural parchment "Silidor" with two sided silicate coat, stable humidity and heat resistance (over 250 ° С), made from a natural fiber with high purity and processing degree.


  • Intended for reuse, depending on the temperature regime - from 7 – 9 times, and more, provide economic benefits in the long run;
  • Its density of 40g/м2 allows a 21% reduction in material consumption compared with other types of parchment;
  • Reduces power consumption as calcination process is not required;
  • It has outspoken separation characteristics: products are not burnt and are easy to remove both from the tray and the paper;
  • It allows you to completely abandon the use of margarine or other fats during the baking process, suitable for the preparation of dietetic products;
  • All raw materials and additives used in the manufacturing process meets the quality requirements and have the ISO 9001 quality certificate.



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