Die Cut Handle Bags


Patch Handle Bags:
With punched out (elliptic) handles, top turning over or reinforced patch, this is what most people think of when advertising bags are mentioned. By adding eye-catching design and ensuring high quality, the everyday quickly becomes something, which gives pleasure and adds value. It is possible to add bottom or side gussets, if needed.

Patch handle bags can be made by LDPE (low density polyethylene), HDPE (high density polyethylene) or biodegradable plastic as well.

Die Cut Handle Bags:
These bags are the same as Patch Handle Bags, but without a patch added around the cut out handle. Die handle bags are excellent retail packaging for non-weight goods. Pretty outlook and low cost make them excellent choise for pharmacy and gift shops.

Bags can be made from HDPE w/o side gussets or from LDPE w/o bottom gusset.

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